Mac McCarthy

Mac McCarthy is a consultant and project manager for marine infrastructure development, maritime casualties, and energy. He brings to each assignment a distinctive mixture of hands-on experience, common-sense administrative skills, and an applied scientific orientation.

Mac’s professional support enables clients to develop and leverage diverse opportunities. The need for such assistance can be short-term, rotational, or for the entire life of a project. The client receives the benefit of essential expertise without the commitment to adding staff.

With legacy experience in infrastructure construction, salvage, wreck removal, pollution control and remedial treatments, Mac brings a thoughtful, open-minded approach to complex ventures in the fields of research & development, preparedness, assessment and mitigation, regulatory affairs, due diligence investigations, and project execution.

In an era where narrow specialization is often overrated, the connections to the bigger picture can be lost. A true polymath, Mac can see both the forest and the trees. He is well credentialed and detail oriented, able to pursue a wide variety of subjects with a scholar’s depth of knowledge and precision. He is also acutely aware of the importance of maintaining the social license in highly regulated environments.

He approaches each project with meticulous preparation, rigorous analysis, and impeccable attention to detail. A master of resourcefulness and foresight, Mac sees unseen connections and neutralizes problems before they become an issue.

Mac thrives with people who excel at their job and takes pride in building genial, collaborative teams. He genuinely cares about who and what he’s working with and smoothly maneuvers through personnel conflicts. Mac turns adversaries into allies and impasses into opportunities, particularly in often-mistrustful regulatory environments.

He makes sure leadership is properly informed so they can feel secure that progress is being achieved and their investment is protected. Client staff can be relieved in confidence that Mac has their back until they return, satisfied that their project—and their team—is in good hands.

Mac’s goal is to apply his boundless curiosity, experience and knowledge to support the project at hand.