As a project manager and subject-matter expert, I have acquired over 30 years experience planning, executing, and communicating projects associated with science, engineering, and the environment. The majority of this work has been performed in a context where strict regulatory compliance and client confidentiality are critical components of success.

In a closely related role as a principle investigator and researcher, I have written over fifty due diligence, technical, and scholarly documents appearing either in the public domain or in restricted client circulation. My uncommon hands-on background enables me to translate technically complex concepts into understandable prose that tell both a synthetic and concise story, often making the difference between project acceptance and project abandonment.

Respected by my peers as an interdisciplinary specialist, I have developed technical plans, performed environmental assessments, directed logistics engineering, and managed many unique projects. With a background as a licensed professional mariner, I have extensive practical experience in heavy salvage and pollution control associated with wreck removals, surface oil spills, and submerged oil recoveries.

Complementary to my aquatic practice, I have also worked upland as a skilled construction manager gaining significant expertise in soil remediation, water treatment, engineered earthwork, infrastructure, and fluid process. Much of this project involvement has been performed continuously from design through start-up.

I have served as a consultant to owners, underwriters, contractors, and governments as well as a sub-consultant to engineers and scientists. This support allows clients to leverage their organizations to take advantage of evolving opportunities. Clients have retained me for the life of a specific project or simply to contribute critical assistance to a discrete task. Although individual assignment durations may be short, my client relationships are typically long-term, spanning many years and multiple commissions.