Skilled in complex marine operations, Mac McCarthy has lent a practiced hand in each of the projects represented here. His knowledge of the industry spans 30 years working in broad capacities around the globe. McCarthy’s career has been forged by experience as a deckhand, vessel operator, logistics engineer, and project manager. With a legacy in marine salvage and pollution control, he also possesses a deep understanding of standard marine-construction practices. His wide-ranging assignments — performed at sites in the Sub-Arctic, Coastal USA, Central Pacific, Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Europe, and the West Indies — have

included: the cutting and sectional lift of a sunken 190-meter bulk carrier laden with 50,900 tonnes of scrap metal; construction of a cofferdam to facilitate removal of a polluting legacy shipwreck buried below-grade in the intertidal zone; and modification of a 9,388 GRT dynamically positioned dive-support vessel for use as a mothership in deploying teams of saturation and 1-atmosphere-suited divers to rig and lift the high-value portions of a jack-up drilling platform destroyed by a hurricane.